Raid Schedule

Mists of Pandaria
Heroic Raiding:
Thursday: 8:30p-11:30p PST
Sunday: 5p-10p PST

Warlords of Draenor
Mythic Raiding:
Tuesday: 8p-11p PST
Thursday: 8p-11p PST
Sunday: 5p-10p PST

Class Openings:

Warlords of Draenor Mythic Raiding Recruitment Needs: ALL Classes and Specs are being considered


“Follow us on Twitter”


It’s that infamous line you hear all the time everywhere you go, “Follow us on Twitter at…”.  I’ve never been a very active user of Twitter since it’s debut, hell I’ve only tweeted 16 times on our Dream Team Twitter feed since I created our account back in September of 2009.

I’ll be honest, I just haven’t utilized it like I had originally hoped, and I haven’t promoted it in any of our guild correspondence, but that’s something that I’m recommitting to doing moving forward.  I do see the value of a World of Warcraft guild using Twitter, which is primarily to promote it’s upcoming activities to it’s members – especially unplanned or last minute events – in an effort to communicate and promote fun activities to it’s members outside the game environments to get more people involved.  It’s a great way to say, “hey all, we just threw this last minute fun thing together, log in and join us if your able!”.  Not only is it a great way to announce unplanned events, but it’s also great for announcing planned events or any other news or noteworthy items to our members.

So with that I invite all our members (and anyone else for that matter) to follow us for the latest news, events, and happenings within our guild by clicking on the link in the top left hand corner on our site home page.

Happy New Year!

Follow us on Twitter @dreamteambe

Siege cleared!

Dream Team defeats Garrosh Hellscream


Now for the real fun – heroic raiding!

Closing In for the Kill


Thok the Bloodthirsty


Siegecrafter Blackfuse


Paragons of the Klaxxi





Siege – Week 2


Ahh ok now we got it.  And grats DT on a server first!

General Nazgrim

seriously – we can do this – we can take the kill pic before we loot the boss.

Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Ok next time we will take the kill pic before we loot the boss.

Who Knew Iron Juggernaut Was a Cuddler!?!?!?

Not only is he a cuddler, but he kept our butts warm too!!!!!

Grats DT on 6/14

Galakras Ganked

If he would have just let us go up the road peacefully……

Congrats DT on 5/14


Siege of Ogrimmar – Week 1



The Fallen Protectors


Sha of Pride

Our 10 man team spent our first week killing four new bosses and made a lot of progress on Galakras.  Immerseus is basically a joke of a fight which we breezed through effortlessly.  We thought that The Fallen Protectors would be a bit more challenging but we were wrong.  Norushen on the other hand was a bit of DPS surprise as we kept hitting the enrage time over and over with multiple 3% wipes until we passed that test.  The Sha of Pride was pretty easy and uneventful and we finally hit our road block on Galakras as phase 2 required more coordination than we were prepared for.

Lei Shendig

Incoming smile in 3.. 2.. 1..

So it’s Monday night – the end of the raid week, Melly is complaining how tried she is.  We decide to do an alt MSV run and it turns out that we had a lot of people online so we were like “Hey! Let’s go kill Lei Shen!”.  We finished MSV and spammed /trade chat for another DPS (thanks Deadzero) and killed him on the second pull.

Iron Twins are Sexy

Twins - two for the price of one.



Iron Qon smelted into doo doo bars.


Dark Animus Sees the Light

Dream Team shines the light on Dark Animus